India to Issue Health Advisory and Precautionary Guidelines On Monkeypox

 - Sakshi Post

As a preventive move in the face of a global outbreak of the monkeypox virus, India's ministry of health and family welfare will announce guidelines later this week. Standard operating procedures will be set for travellers who exhibit signs of monkeypox after returning from impacted nations. There have now been approximately 100  cases confirmed worldwide.


  • The Ministry of Health and the ICMR are will release guidelines for monkeypox treatment, prevention, and community awareness.
  • Identifying sick passengers at airports, lab testing, symptoms, preventive, surveillance measures, hospital reporting, and community education will be included in the guidelines
  • Isolation of sick persons returning from monkeypox-affected nations, as well as a surveillance plan at the country's airports and seaports.
  • Passengers arriving from monkeypox-affected countries who are unwell or show symptoms will be asked to provide a 21-day travel history.
  • If any suspected cases have been recorded, hospital infection control measures will be implemented, as well as other disease prevention measures.
  • Common people will be educated about the monkeypox sickness and how to report any signs to a health center.
  • All suspected cases must be isolated in specified healthcare institutions until the patient is declared suitable to be discharged.
  • Clinical samples such as vesicle fluid, blood, sputum, nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal specimens must be forwarded to the ICMR-NIV in Pune.

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