How to Make Your Facebook Post Most Viewed and Get Maximum Likes

 - Sakshi Post

People kill their time on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social websites. It is worth mentioning here that these apps entertain and motivate us a lot. If we could look at the positive side of these apps, they update us on what's happening each and every day. We get to learn new things that we have never came across before, all thanks to technology. 

For the first time, Facebook has released a report on the people's most viewed stories and feeds in the United States. And a survey showed that memes, viral challenges, and inane questions dominate people's news feeds rather than political substance. Facebook's most viewed reels and posts are 'personality test' videos by Gaur Gopal Das, who is a personal coach, monk, and motivational speaker.

Gaur Gopal Das's word search puzzle titled "First three words you see are your reality" was viewed by 80.6 million people between April 1, 2021, and June 30, 2021, on Facebook. Musician Ace Gutta's post is the second most viewed post with 61.4 million views. Facebook has found that most of the most viewed posts on Facebook contain a photo or video. And the fourth and fifth place goes to questions like "What is something you will never eat, no matter how hungry you get?" and "Does sugar go in spaghetti."

Only 0.3 % of news feed content was made up of news domains. The top three most visited sites were YouTube, Amazon, and UNICEF. Between a Green Bay Packers American football team site has been the most popular link 

on Facebook in the last three months. 87.2  million people viewed the content.

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