How To Identify A Fake Job Recruitment Advertisement

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You can find good job opportunities on the internet. There are also many websites solely to help people find a good job, but sometimes things can seem a little suspicious. If you want to find out that the job advertisement you are looking at is true or not, this is how you can do it.

It can be tricky differentiating between legitimate and fake job advertisement as the people who do this make it pretty the ads pretty believable. To keep yourself safe from such things, there are certain ways that you can apply.

Asking for Personal information

Anything asked apart from an email address, phone number, and basic resume details is suspicious. Any company asking for bank details on the very first go is not be trusted. Even if it says, this is for ‘Salary purpose’ it is not true. Bank details, identity cards, Aadhar card and other such stuff should not be shared. So if any job ad asks for these details, do not trust it.

Initial Payment

Remember you are the one that needs to get paid not the other way round. You will see many job ads on the internet especially the ‘data entry’ ones where the ad states a salary of Rs. 50,000. It would seem like a simple data entry or typing job can get you 50k per month, it is an exciting offer but these offers are fake. Such jobs usually ask you for an initial payment. They will say this payment is for the equipment or a ‘deposit’ that you will get back later, but there is no truth in it. Do not trust these ads; any company asking for a payment is fake.

Improper Contact Information and Poor Content

Have you ever come across a job advertisement, where the ad is filled with mistakes, errors and overall it is very poor in quality? Well, this must be your first sign. These kinds of ads will give an improper email address and phone number; even the job description will be very generic.

The job description, the copy will be filled with mistakes and errors. Even when you speak with the hiring manager over the call, they will not be able to give you proper details of the job.

Information not Available

These companies must be registered at a legitimate portal or have at least a decent looking profile on LinkedIn. Before moving forward with your application, make sure you do thorough research. It is paramount that the company’s details are easily accessible; if you do not find any information about the company anywhere, then do not trust it.


Always remember, you can take as much time as you want. Yes, there might be an urgency for you to get hired, but moving too quickly without doing any research is not advisable. Always check for details and anything that your gut tells you is suspicious, then do not trust it.

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