Himachal: Landlord Throws Covid Positive Woman And Toddler Out Of House  

 - Sakshi Post

Shimla: With the surge in Covid19 cases under the second wave in India, people have become sceptical. They do not want to take chances with anything. Many are suffering due to this as they have nowhere to go, once they test positive.

An incident took place in Himachal Pradesh where a woman and her family were thrown out of the house by the landlord after she tested Covid positive. The woman along with her husband and two-year-old son were forced to live in the taxi.

The woman and her husband, Parsaram went to Shimla for a checkup after the woman started feeling a little under the weather, where she was found Covid positive. Her symptoms were not so concerning, so the doctor told her to stay in-home quarantine.

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Upon coming back home to Karsog, the family informed about this to the landlord after which he refused to let them stay at the rented home. The landlord told all three to leave the house and find another place. But no one wanted to take the family in. As a result, they were forced to live in the taxi owned by Parasram.

After a few days, Parsaram was able to get in touch with DSP Geetanjali Thakur who helped him with the place. The DSP convinced the landlord to let the family in and even arranged for the necessary items and food.

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