Here's Why Lemons Are Costlier Than Apple

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Summer time... What most of us would prefer to have in the afternoons? People would love to drink a glass of 'Nimbu Pani', right! Yes... But now my dear readers, the common man's nimbu pani is a costly drink. In many parts of the country, the price of lemons has shot up and there are many reasons behind it. One of the reasons for an increase in the price of lemon is a hike in the price of petrol, diesel, and cooking gas. As the rates of petrol, diesel and cooking gas have increased the transportation cost has also gone up. To compensate for the transportation cost, the vegetable vendors are selling the fruits and vegetables at high costs. 

The price of lemons increased due to a shortage in supply and demand during the ongoing summer. The cost of lemons increased due to crop loss in Gujarat. The cyclone in Gujarat and natural calamities in some parts of the country have affected the supply of lemon and as a result, there is a shortage. 

In Gujarat, the cost of one lemon is between Rs. 18 to Rs. 25 and the one kg of lemons cost is Rs. 300. The retail price of lemons per kg is Rs. 400 in Jodhpur, Vastrapur.

A vegetable seller in Hyderabad speaking to a news agency said that he used to purchase a whole stake of lemon for Rs. 700 but now the cost of the same is around Rs. 3,500.

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