Google Maps Show Mystery Island Off Kerala Coast, Underwater Structure in Arabian Sea

 - Sakshi Post

The aerial view of Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country’s seems to have secret island. A new bean-shaped island-like structure could be seen off the coast of Kochi in the satellite imagery shown on Google Maps. This island which has piqued the interest and curiosity of many, including experts, is considered to be an underwater structure as nothing is being observed in the sea.

After, Chellanam Karshika Tourism Development Society wrote a letter to the authorities, Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) officials have decided to investigate the matter. However, the representatives of the organization have clarified that they have observed the formation for the past four years and had not seen it expanding.

More could be learned about the formation only after an investigation, said KUFOS vice-chancellor, K Riji John.

“After seeing the Google Maps, we can identify it as an underwater island but this needs a clear observation to find out what it is made of- whether it is sand or clay and whether it's distributed regularly. We can only find that out through an investigation. Only after that, we can say anything concrete about this,” Riji John stated.

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