UP Gangster 'Vikas Dubey' Spotted At Faridabad Hotel And Amar Dubey Closest Aide Shot Dead

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NEW DELHI: Amar Dubey, a close aide of wanted gangster Vikas Dubey was killed in an encounter in the Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday (July 8). Amar who was one of the accused in the Kanpur case in which eight police personnel were killed by Vikas Dubey and his men. Amar was the personal bodyguard of Vikas Dubey and was a wanted criminal in several other cases.

According to the Special Task Force of Uttar Pradesh Police, Amar was encountered in coordination with the local police unit in Hamirpur. Shyamu Bajpai, another close aide of Vikas Dubey was arrested in a separate encounter in Kanpur.

On Tuesday afternoon, raids were conducted at the Faridabad hotel and the manager of the hotel said that a person similar to the gangster has just left the hotel. In the CCTV footage, it is clearly visible that Vikas Dubey was spotted standing roadside with a bag. According to the reports, Ankur and his father Shravad helped the gangster in hiding.

Three men have been arrested by the police and 44 live cartridges and four pistols were recovered. Nearly 40 teams of UP Police are conducting raids to arrest Vikas Dubey.

A senior police official said that Vikas Dubey was allegedly seen in a car with his men in Bijnor on Monday night. Two cities in Haryana-Faridabad and Gurgaon-near Delhi are on high alert, and the Delhi Police have also been alerted. Reports say that the gangster could surrender in the National Capital Region.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Devendra Kumar Mishra, three sub-inspectors, and four constables were killed in the clod blooded ambush by the criminal and his assistants who had placed roadblocks on the roads leading to the village. Once the cops managed to get to the village, shooters who were ready for them fired from the rooftops.

Dubey was tipped off about the raid on Friday. 68 policemen have been removed from Kanpur's Chaubeypur police station.

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