Fuel Price Hike, Snooping On Opposition's Agenda For Monsoon Session Of Parliament 2021

 - Sakshi Post

The monsoon session of Parliament begins today in New Delhi. These sessions will take place through August 13. These sessions are expected to last a total of 20 days. The monsoon session of parliament started at 11 a.m. Following the start of the meetings, the newly elected members were sworn in.

Three members from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala and YSRCP candidate Maddila Gurumurthy, who won the recent Tirupati by-election, were sworn in. Following that, the newly appointed ministers were be introduced to the House of Parliament by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The house also paid tributes to the 40 former members who passed away recently. Following these events, there will be an opportunity for questions and answers. The opposition will raise issues about rising fuel costs, the vaccination program, government inefficiencies, agricultural regulations, and farmers' worries during this time.

During the current session, 17 new bills and two additional financial bills will be introduced. In addition, three new ordinances are on cards.

The Parliament is all set to witness a confrontation between the government and the opposition over raging issues of the snooping report, Covid-19 pandemic, farmers' protest, fuel prices hike and vaccination strategy as its monsoon session.

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