Follow These Dos and Don’ts to Help Contain Monkeypox: Centre

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New Delhi: Amid rising cases of monkeypox in the country and World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring it a global public health emergency of international concern, the Union health ministry on Wednesday shared a list of dos and don'ts with the people instructing how to avoid contracting the disease. As per the list of instructions, anyone can catch the virus if they have had prolonged or repeated contact with an infected individual.

As per the dos from Union health ministry, the infected person should be isolated from other non-infected people to avoid the spread of monkeypox. Similar to the Covid-19 protocol, people are advised to use hand sanitisers, or wash hands with soap and water, covering mouth with masks and hands with disposable gloves when close to a patient, and use disinfectants to sanitise the environment around.

While the don'ts list does not permit individuals to share linen, beddings, clothes, towels, among others, with people who have tested positive for the infection. Also, the laundry of patients should be done separately. 

“Do not stigmatise people who have contracted the virus, and suspected patients as well. Also, do not believe any rumour or misinformation,” the ministry statement said.

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In order to tackle the monkeypox infection, the Union ministry has constituted a task force to closely monitor the emerging situation in the country and decide on response initiatives.

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