Find Me A Bride And Please Get Me Married: Dwarf Pleads With UP Police

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People often come to the police station with odd wishes. Recently a UP man came to the police station with a desire to get married. Azim Mansoori from Uttar Pradesh is a 26-year-old bachelor. He recently approached officers at the Shamli police station to help him in his bride search quest.

Mansoori shared that no one wants to get married to him as he is only two feet and three inches tall. He is searching alone and even his family doesn’t provide any help. He shared that the family received proposals for him but upon meeting Mansoori, they disagree with the union.

Many times families came to their house but they left after seeing Mansoori’s height. He has been searching for a bride for too long and when nothing was working; he went to the police station and requested the officers to help him. Azim shared that he runs a cosmetic shop in Shamli and his monthly earning is good. But no girl agrees to marry him.

Mansoori hopes that when nothing is working in his favour and also his family is not helping him, at least the public servants will. Upon reaching the station, Mansoori first tried convincing a woman police officer. He said he doesn’t want to be a bachelor anymore and wishes to get married. He shared that this is not the first time he has approached an officer. Before this, Mansoori spoke with the SDM. He added that he has been trying for like ages now. Can he not find anyone willing to spend their life with him?

Azim Mansoori lives with his brothers and sisters. They are a total of 6 siblings with him being the youngest one. Azim was the victim of bullying. In school, many students made fun of Azim for his height. He could not take it anymore and decide to quit his studies. Later he started working at the cosmetic shop along with his brothers.

Now Azim is running the shop and earns well.

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