Few Weeks' Lockdown in India Can Break Chain of COVID: Epidemiologist Anthony Fauci

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As of now the number of Covid19 cases in India is increasing at a rapid rate. The daily cases are crossing the 2 lakh to 3 lakh mark. The situation does look like it is out of control.

The second wave of coronavirus has put the country in a panic state. Every day India reports a high number of positive cases with an increase in the death toll. People even critical conditions have to wait to get admitted as there are no beds in hospitals. Similarly, there is a shortage in oxygen cylinders and other Covid19 medical essentials.

But now a US epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci has shared something that will help bring down the cases in India. He said that the country should go for a few weeks of lockdown. As the cases are increasing every day, there are chances that this situation might worsen. To get this under immediate control, it would be best that India goes for a lockdown.

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Apart from that, India should try and up the supply of Covid19 medical essentials. It is important to get more supply for oxygen cylinders, ventilators and other Covid drugs. Maybe a crisis management group can be formed to look into the situation and plan accordingly.

Fauci said that this is an immediate measure to get the situation under control. A temporary lockdown can be done which would last for a week. If I talk about the immediate thing to be done, then I would say lockdown, getting the medical essentials.

Citing the example of China, Fauci explained that when the country was seeing a vast caseload, they went for a complete shutdown. I am not saying to do something similar, but going for a temporary lockdown is what can be done. This is just to break the chain and put an end to these daily 3 lakh cases cycle. Understandably, a lockdown is something that no country would like, it is to be avoided, but sometimes you have to do, what is necessary.

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