Expert Opinion: Don't Underestimate Delta Plus Variant

 - Sakshi Post

Vaccination has become a powerful weapon to control the spread of Coronavirus in India. But people have to take it seriously if tested positive even after administering the vaccine. Experts suggest that people follow all the Covid protocols, even after taking both doses.

Meanwhile, India is witnessing new variants like Delta and Delta plus which can infect people who have already been vaccinated. Under these dangerous situations, the Maharashtra government has issued a new rules saying that they are implementing curfew after 4 PM in the state.

Medical experts say that the Delta variant virus is being underestimated. People should follow Covid rules to keep themselves away from the virus. Experts add that the delta variant is causing great damage to the lungs. So the patient affected with it has fewer chances to recover.

To date, this variant is spread across 85 countries around the world. Many experts opine that the Delta variant is the cause for the second wave in India and are presuming that the new Delta plus variant will result in the third wave. They added that the spread can be controlled only if everyone in the country gets vaccinated as early as possible. 

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