Electric Shock! Maharashtra Man's BP Shots Up After Getting 80 Crore Power Bill!

 - Sakshi Post

A Maharashtra man received shock when he saw the electric bill. He became so stressed that it led to his health condition deteriorating and the man had to be taken to the hospital. You will be shocked to know the figures on the electricity bill.

The elderly man in Maharashtra's Nalasopara received a power bill of Rs 80 crore. The man, Ganpat Naik received this high bill for the rice mill that he runs. This mill in Nirmal village was sent the bill which said, “Rs. 80 crore” as the amount.

The elderly person who was shocked to see such a bill soon complained of uneasiness and high blood pressure. He was immediately taken to a hospital for checkup. It was said that Naik is a heart patient and was not able to handle such a shock.

Later it was confirmed that the bill was a result of an error on the department’s side. The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) said that the mistake happened from their side as there was a problem with the meter that checks everything.

The agency is now working on rectifying the bill and they will send the new power bill with the actual amount.

The Electricity board said that there was a mistake with the number of digits that were meant to be in the bill. But now they have updated the bill and have dispatched it to Naik. The elderly man will be getting the corrected bill soon.

A mistake made the elderly man’s BP go high and even ended up with him being taken to the hospital. The man only hopes that such mistakes do not happen again as it will not be good for his health and another shock will not be handled.

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