Elderly Daughter Carries Aged Mother On Cot To Bank For Pension

 - Sakshi Post

NAUPADA: A 70-year-old daughter of a 120-year-old elderly woman was forced to drag her mother to a bank in Naupada district of Odisha to get the pension of her mother on Thursday.

According to reports, Gunja Dei (70) wanted the pension Labhe Baghel (120). Bank officials said that verification of Baghel for handing over her pension money was necessary and that she needed to be present in person.

Following the demand from the bank officials, Baghel was dragged to the bank on a cot by her daughter from Baragan village.

Initially, Baghel had sent her daughter Gunja Dei, to the bank to get her pension of Rs 1,500. But the bank officials refused to hand over the money to Baghel's daughter and demanded the physical verification of the account holder.

The daughter of Baghel who herself is a senior citizen didn't have any other option rather than getting her mother to the bank to claim the pension money. She therefore dragged her mother to the bank.

After Gunja Dei reached the bank along with her mother, bank officials released the pension immediately after seeing the condition of the two elderly women.

The video of the elderly woman dragging her mother went viral and netizens slammed the bank officials for asking in-person verification and troubling the two elderly.

After the video went viral on social media, BMC Commissioner Prem Chand Choudhry has informed all the regional managers of all the government, private and RRBs asking them to provide door-to-door service to elderly citizens.

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