Don't Get Excited About Theatres Opening Up Just Yet!

 - Sakshi Post

Centre has announced the plan to be followed for #Unlock5 from October month. They have given permission to operate theatres from 15th of October. But they have clearly mentioned that the theatres outside containment zone can only be opened and not everywhere. May be the cynics might say that Governments won't be strict about where the theatres can open and cannot be open.

They might come out and claim that if 50% occupancy rates are allowed in non-containment zones then containment zones will get permission within a week or two to operate with 30-35% occupancies.

Well, we are also happy that the theaters are also opening finally after 6 months of long wait. People can choose to put on their masks and watch the films at theaters with many others or they can watch OTT content. Finally, there are not restricted and with everyone starting shootings all over the country, you can expect increase in choices, too.

But Government will carefully monitor the number of Covid cases from now on, with hawk eyes. They won't be lenient on Theatres or schools as the experts still predict them to be the areas that are prone to mass increase in infections.

There is always chance for Government to revert to lockdown situation. Even theater managements might not be sure about how to go forward if the occupancies are much less than anticipated and if no big films release that actually interest a huge crowd pull.

So, while we can be delighted and welcome the decision to go forward in economic activity than just stop everything, we have to be able to sustain it further as well. We should be able to win our bread and save our health too.

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