Goa Governor Confident Domestic Tourists Will Pour In to Corona-Free State

 - Sakshi Post

PANAJI: Goa Governor Satya Pal Malik expressed the confidence that tourists will return to the coastal state as it is free from Coronavirus.

Speaking to the media, Satya Pal said that it will take some time for international tourists to visit Goa but Indian domestic tourists are expected to visit the state.

"Everyone knows that Goa is corona free so domestic tourists will come here. People will come here. No part of the country is as clean as Goa. People from various parts of the country will visit the state. Foreigners will take time to come here."

He further praised the State government for complying with all COVID-19 lockdown norms imposed by the Central government. "The Goa government followed lockdown restrictions as advised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We started screening people since January. No community transmission took place."

He also added that the only problem now is with people coming back to the state from outside. They are either being shifted to state quarantine centre or they are being told to quarantine themselves at home, he added.

He also praised Goa’s residents, saying they are strictly adhering to the lockdown norms.

Goa became a coronavirus-free state on April 20 as all the patients have cured and were subsequently discharged. This piece of news was shared by Vishwajit Rane, Health Minister of Goa, on Twitter.

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