Do Not Hesitate, Get Your Covid Vaccine Shot: PM Modi on Mann Ki Baat

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New Delhi: On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on his monthly radio program, ‘Mann Ki Baat’. The PM urged everyone to get immunized. He told Indians not to hesitate and trust the vaccine. He added that you should not trust the rumours and false news and take the vaccine as it is for your own good.

Citing the example of his 100-year old mother, Modi shared that even his aged mother took the vaccine, then you as well trust it. 

I urge you all to take the vaccine, get immunized. Many have taken it. Even I am done with both the doses. My mother’s age is almost 100 now, she has taken both doses of the vaccine. I request you all, not to believe any rumours about the vaccine. Let us promise to never trust any rumours, said PM Modi during the 78th session of Mann Ki Baat.

Getting vaccinated will protect you from the infection. Only by getting immunized, we can protect ourselves and others. “Leave those who are spreading rumours, we will do our work and ensure that everyone gets vaccinated,” added the PM. Even when the second wave is gone, we still face threats with the third one predicted to be coming soon. In this case, getting vaccinated and following all the guidelines, is what will keep us safe.

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The PM addressed vaccine efficiency and concern regarding it after people from the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh expressed their hesitancy and worry. There is hesitancy among people after so many things have been said about the vaccine.

India had to deal with all that happened during the second wave. A high number of cases was reported every day, shortage of beds and medical supply made things very difficult. Officials are warning people to be careful. Now even the Delta Plus variant has become a concern to the country. Earlier there weren’t many cases of the Delta strain, but the number is slowly increasing. Amidst all this, only 5.6 per cent of the total Indian population have been fully vaccinated.

For the past few days, the daily administered number for the doses of the vaccine has seen an increase. The number has been high and the PM wishes that it remains that way. The speed of vaccination is increasing. Let us try to maintain this pace, said the PM in a statement.

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