Despite Lockdown, Karnataka Records 50K COVID Cases

 - Sakshi Post

On Friday, Karnataka recorded almost 50 thousand Covid19 cases. Under this, Bengaluru had the highest count. A total of 48,296 were reported with 217 deaths. What’s shocking is the number of cases from Bengaluru. 26,756 cases and 93 deaths were from the city.

The people experienced a certain sense of relief as there was a drop in the cases on Thursday, but it saw a rise again on Friday.

Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa announced a 14- day lockdown in the State starting from April 27. The reason why the cases are still so high might be because these are people who got infected before the lockdown was imposed. We should give it some more time.

People are not allowed to step out of their house for these 14 days.  During the lockdown, shops selling essential items, including medical and food items will be allowed to open from 6 to 10 am.

On Wednesday, Karnataka saw a huge hike in Covid19 cases. The state recorded 39,047 cases; the total now stands at 14.39 lakh. 229 deaths were reported. At that time, it was one of the highest single-day records of the state but now there is a rise again with cases being almost 50k.

At least 4 lakh passengers have left Bengaluru by bus and another two lakh are still waiting in various bus stations to go back to their hometowns, an official of the Karnataka Transport Department said on Friday. The crowd was so huge that buses ran full capacity, with 3 lakh people left using RTC buses and more than a lakh using private transport. Now, this can also be one reason as flocking will lead to the risk of the virus spreading.

The transport officials were constantly urging people using loudspeakers to follow Covid-19 rules by wearing masks and maintaining social distance. A common sight at bus stands is of labour contractors trying their best to persuade workers not to leave.

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