Delhi Unlocks: Public Places Allowed To Open Again

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After a long lockdown and curfew in Delhi, the capital city is ready to unlock. Starting from Monday, most of the public places will be allowed to open and work; but not at full capacity. There are different rules for restaurants and malls.

Restaurants can work at 50 per cent seating capacity and malls can work at full capacity. They need not follow the odd-even rule. The announcement was done by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He shared that the Delhi government is trying to make all the plans to bring the union territory back on track. They need to make decisions to get the city’s economy in place.

Even though the cases are relatively fewer now, the government is still preparing for the third wave. As the risk of a surge in Covid19 cases in the third wave is high, the officials have to be prepared well.

The Delhi metro, restaurants, malls and other public places will be open, but they will not be functioning at full capacity. The metro will operate with a 50 per cent seating capacity.

As of now, the officials are working to fill up oxygen cylinders, check the hospitals and ICU beds. If the cases see further fall, then Delhi can slowly start going back to a normal state. The lockdown being fully lifted in one go could create chaos, that is why increasing the hours and then lifting the lockdown is safer. So the Kejriwal government decided to do it in phases.

CM Kejriwal shared that the city has come really far and made some good improvements in the past couple of weeks. They cannot go back to increased numbers due to the lifting of the lockdown.

It is not the time we become complacent. The numbers are dropping because everyone is following the Covid norms. We have to continue this way for some more time, added the CM. Since the people as well cooperated, it was possible to see this dip.

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