Delhi Farmer Books Flight Tickets For Farm Labourers

 - Sakshi Post

Bringing back the daily wage workers who had left for their native villages in view of the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be an arduous task. With the farm season beginning, the farmers are now scampering to get back the labourers who left for their homes.

A mushroom farmer from Delhi has now booked air tickets to bring back 10 migrant labourers. He had shelled out Rs 1 lakh for this. The farmer, Pappan Singh, cultivates mushrooms in the Tigipur village in Delhi. Pappan Singh has about 20 workers in his farms. At the time of the lockdown, he had sent all of them to their native villages by flight. Now, he is bringing back the first batch, which will arrive on August 27 at the Delhi airport. The second batch will reach soon. He would be spending another Rs 1 lakh for their return.

Pappan Singh has been farming mushrooms for the last 20 years during the August-April season. The labourers, who are from the Samastipur distrit of Bihar are well experienced in working in the mushroom farms.

For most of these labourers, this is their second travel by flight. They say they were very nervous during their first flight on their journey to native villages. This time, they say, they are not as nervous.

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