Delhi Couple Arrested For Flouting COVID Protocols and Misbehaving With Cops

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DELHI: In an update to the Delhi couple shouting on Cops incident that took place on Sunday, it was reported that the two were arrested under the non-bailable section.

A few hours ago, a video was shared on Twitter in which a Delhi woman can be seen raising her voice on the cops. The incident happened at Darya Ganj and the couple was identified as Pankaj and his wife Abha, residents of Patel Nagar. The kerfuffle started after the couple riding in their new car, were stopped by the police for flouting COVID19 rules and travelling without masks.

The cops just stood there trying to reason with the woman who kept on shouting, adding peculiar reasons for not wearing a mask.

The woman was shouting and misbehaving with the police. She questioned them about stopping the car and asked why they had to wear masks. In the whole episode, they disrupted traffic and had to be told to park their car to the side of the road to give way to the other commuters.

Later lady police were called to deal with the woman, but she did not budge. The entire incident was caught on camera. The video which was shared on Twitter, a few hours ago has now gone viral.

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Also, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced a lockdown starting from today, 10 pm till 5 am on April 26. This decision was taken owing to the increase in COVID19 cases. Persons who are going for COVID-19 Testing or Vaccination will be allowed only on the production of a valid card. 

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