Daily Covid Cases in Delhi Below 10,000; A Positive Sign

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The capital city has been reporting a high number of Covid cases every day, but after a long time today, Delhi finally saw a dip in the daily cases. On Friday, a total of 8,506 cases were reported. Since the second week of April, Delhi has been reporting above 10,000 cases every day, so the Friday numbers come as a sign of relief.

It was the first time since April 10 that the city saw a drop in the cases to below 10,000. After a long time, the positivity rate among those tested was relatively low. Out of 68,575 people tested, around 12% of them turned out to be positive. This is a good sign for Delhi where a lockdown has been in place for the past couple of weeks.

On Friday, a total of 14,000 people made a recovery. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that this is an improvement and it was only possible through teamwork. Since the people as well cooperated, it was possible to see this dip. But it doesn’t mean that we become complacent again. You need to follow the Covid safety norms like wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. With continued efforts, we can make further developments, added the CM.

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After going through a very tough time, the city was able to see this day. If we start ignoring the rules again, it will be difficult to control the situation. The government is arranging for more oxygen cylinders, ICU beds and other necessary resources. We need to be prepared and ready in case of any circumstantial change, shared Kejriwal.

Along with Bengaluru and Mumbai, Delhi was among the worst-hit cities in the country. The reason why less than 10,000 cases is a good sign is that at one point Delhi started reporting more than 20,000 cases. On April 20, the number was 28,000 fresh cases, one of the highest for the city. A significant drop has been observed in Delhi and the numbers are expected to drop further.

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