Covid19 Update: India’s 10 Day Cummulative Death Toll is Higher Than Any Country

 - Sakshi Post

India is seeing a surge in Covid19 cases. The daily positive cases number is increasing as well. As of Thursday, India recorded 4,14,188 new cases which bring the total to 2,14,91,598. The total number of deaths stands at 2,34,083 with 3,927 deaths recorded on Thursday. The concerning thing is that the number of daily deaths has been above 3,000 for the past 10 days.

According to the reports, India records 150 deaths every hour. The country has been recording such a high number of positive cases and deaths in the last couple of weeks that it is way higher than any other country. If we look at a 10-day cumulative record by any country, India stands on top.

The USA recorded 34,798 highest cumulative deaths in 10 days. While India did, 36,110. The number even surpasses Brazil and Mexico. As of Thursday, the daily cases have been above 4 lakh for the past two days.

If we look at state-wise data, then Telangana recorded 6,026 cases in a day while Karnataka recorded 50,112 cases with 328 deaths. Maharashtra had 62,194 new cases and over 853 deaths.

To battle the situation, many states have announced a lockdown. The government of Rajasthan has decided to impose a strict lockdown from May 10 to contain the spread of Covid-19 positive cases. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced that the lockdown will start at 5 am on May 10 and will end at 5 am on May 24 after a virtual meeting with the state health officials. 

Similarly, Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa announced a 14- day lockdown in the State starting from Tuesday (April 27) night to control the surge of COVID cases.  During the lockdown, shops selling essential items, including medical and food items will be allowed to open from 6 to 10 am.

All these efforts but still many are suggesting a countrywide lockdown to get the cases in control. Experts are saying that India should go for a short period lockdown for like a week or so. 

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