Covid19 Update: Concern Looms as Around 8,000 Maharashtra Kids contract The Virus

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Mumbai: The situation in Maharashtra is overall getting better as the cases are dipping, but this is only the case among the elderly. Children were said to be the vulnerable ones in the second and third wave.

It was earlier reported that compared to last year, the percentage of kids testing positive has increased. If it was 11 per cent last year, this year it is between 20-40 per cent. Experts have pointed out that people are not taking much care now. 

Talking about the cases among children, more than 8,000 kids tested positive in a Maharashtra district. Kids in Ahmednagar district are testing positive for Covid19, increasing the concern among the officials.

Initially, since there weren’t many cases, there was no special ward dedicated to kids and their treatment. But now, the Sangli city hospital has built a special Covid care ward for kids. They already have patients admitted to it.

Corporator Abhijit Bhosale shared that we must be ready in case the third wave strikes hard. It was built in case the number among kids increases. The ward was specially designed to give a lively and comforting feel to the children. It is not like a typical Hospital ward but like a kids fun care centre.

The cases among adults have been seeing a drop in the past few weeks but the opposite is happening among children. The reason said one of the medical experts is that many of the adults in a particular family have either already contracted the virus and recovered from it or are getting vaccinated. As for the children, even the vaccine is not ready yet.

Maharashtra reported a high number of cases in the past few months. The situation in the state was not good for a long time. But with the lockdown and other restrictions in the state, cases have been coming down. We still need to be careful as we face a vaccine shortage in the country.

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