Covid19 Mutant Variant Spread Across States in India

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The country is battling the second wave of coronavirus. As the situation worsens, India is trying to deal with the increasing number of cases. In a recent report, it was said that the strains of coronavirus with the double mutation was found in many countries across India. Around 10 states were affected by this. The mutated virus is now being identified as the cause of the rapid increase in cases.

It was in October last year that people first started getting infected by the mutated virus. Many who came back from the mutant strain affected country later showed signs of being affected by the mutated virus. By January, this number kept increasing. The Union Health Ministry even confirmed the same.

Recently hundreds of people tested positive for COVID19. This was the case after many devotees went to the River Ganges for the religious festival, Kumbh Mela. Along with the devotees, others in the city are also said to be affected.

Over 1000 people in Haridwar were detected with the virus. On Monday, around 400 people tested positive while on Tuesday, it was 600. This number in Haridwar is increasing every day. Not just such religious events but even the political leaders are not backing away. There were many rallies held in the past month leading to the elections. Thousands of people attend such events, unprotected.

Along with this, there have also been reports of a vaccine shortage in India. In the past few months, the country has been exporting doses to other countries as well. India had enough for inoculation of its citizens as well as for helping other countries. But recently it was reported that the country is now facing a shortage.

“Shortages are being reported by various states. A political slugfest seems to be emerging with chief ministers of Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh etc stating very little supply and inventory while the Union Health Minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan is claiming no shortages and supplies were being ensured,” read an article by M Somasekhar.

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