COVID Fatalities in India Grossly Under-reported

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The second wave of coronavirus has put the country in a panic state. Every day India reports a high number of positive cases with an increase in the death toll. People even critical condition have to wait to get admitted as there are no beds in hospitals. Similarly, there is a shortage in oxygen cylinders and other Covid19 medical essentials.

With all that is happening, it is not possible that the number of positive cases being reported every day is true. The cases have crossed the 3 lakh mark. A few weeks ago, it was 2 lakh but now daily cases have risen to more than 3 lakh. This is higher than any country in the world.

Medical experts claim that these reports aren’t correct. The numbers only represent those people who took the Covid test and came out positive. We cannot tell anything as there might be thousands who are suffering but haven’t taken the test or been admitted to the hospital. Every day we see reports regarding people who died outside the hospital waiting to get admitted.

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Shortage of beds, no oxygen cylinders and overwhelmed hospitals led to the death of many. While the number of fatalities reported every day is around 2,000, which again might not be correct. When hospitals say that even the mortuaries are full and cremators saying that there is no space to bury a body, it gives a picture of the number of deaths.

Bhramar Mukherjee, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan said that the numbers are being under-reported. The number of cases and fatalities is at least three times what is being reported. This is not just because we do not have the data of these people but also because the political leaders do not wish to share the details.

Several states are reporting a high number of cases. The government in these states as they are answerable to all, will not want to share the actual data. Moreover, the families of a Covid affected patient might not want to reveal their situation.

Mukherjee further added that these numbers will only increase in May. People need to be careful and follow COVID-19 rules without a miss because the number of coronavirus cases is rising high with each passing day and this may not stop till the end of June.

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