COVID-19 Unlock: Metro Services All Set To Resume, This Is How It Will Work

 - Sakshi Post

With Metro rail services set to resume from September 7 in three stages, the authorities are now trying to ensure that all COVID-19 protection methods are followed by both the staff and the commuters. There would be a mandatory thermal screening of all the commuters and staff at the metro stations. Not just that, there would be no usage of tokens and this would involve touching, which could transmit the virus.

Similarly, the railway stations and the compartments would be thoroughly sanitized. Only a limited number of the gates would be opened to minimize the movement of commuters. One gate would be designated for the entry and the other for the exit of the commuters. This will also help in avoiding physical contact. Alternate seats would be left vacant to ensure that there is physical distance.

In places like Delhi, the metro services would be opened in a phased manner. Sources said that the commuters would be encouraged to use smart cards. In places like Delhi, the train will stop for 30 seconds more than the actual stopping time to ensure that people can follow social distancing while getting down.

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