Coronavirus Hits 10 Of Declining Great Andamanese Tribe

 - Sakshi Post

The Great Andamanese tribe, whose population is declining in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been struck by coronavirus with 10 of its members testing positive for the COVID-19 infection. Out of 10, six people have been recovered and have been kept under home quarantine. Avijit Ray, a senior health officer in charge of the disease management in the Andamans told a news agency that, "The team tested 37 samples and ten members of the Great Andamanese tribe were found to be positive. They were admitted to hospital."

Sanjiv Mittal, a senior government officer for tribal welfare said that they were doing their best to keep all the members safe and healthy. The officials added that the tribe has little more than 50 members now. The spread of coronavirus in the island is a matter of worry about the safety of the tribe and other indigenous people in the remote archipelago.

The people who have been tested positive for the coronavirus are receiving treatment at a Port Blair hospital and they will be sent back to their island once they show no symptoms. Later, they will stay under home quarantine.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have recorded 2,268 cases of coronavirus so far with 37 deaths. On Sunday, the authorities have sent a team of health officials to Strait Island after six members of the tribe recently tested positive in Port Blair.

India is one of the worst-hit nations by COVID-19. The country has reported a total of 75,760 new cases on Thursday, taking India's COVID-19 caseload to 33,10,234. The death toll reached 60,472 in India. The government is taking all the measures to control the spread of coronavirus. The health ministry said that with the positivity rate progressively falling, testing has worked as an effective tool to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection.

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