Chinese Funding In Zomato: Delivery Boys Burn Company's Uniform And Quit Job In Kolkata!

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KOLKATA:The India-China face-off along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Galwan Valley is taking an economic turn. The concept of banning Chinese products is growing and is reaching to every nook and cranny of the country. People started boycotting the usage of Chinese products and now there a few people who have even refused to work in a company where China has invested. A group of delivery workers associated with the food delivery app Zomato have decided to submit their resignation against Chinese investment in the company.

A dozen of delivery personnel have burnt the company's uniform for delivery agents. The incident took place outside the Behala police station in South Kolkata. The delivery workers raised slogans like "Chinese agent Zomato leave India!"

Dipankar Kanjilal, one of the protesters asserted that, "Zomato has collaborated with Chinese company Alibaba to run its operations. We have quit Zomato and we hope consumers will also boycott this company."

In the recent times, due to the novel coronavirus induced lockdown, most of the people have lost their livelihood. The protestors said that they are ready to stay hungry for the nation but will not involve in treachery.

Another delivery agent said that, "The Indian soldiers are killed by Chinese and if our soldiers are not safe then how can we be safe? So, we shall boycott Zomato. 50-60 of us have uninstalled the app." Here is the video in which one could see Zomato delivery boys burning the company's uniform.

According to the reports, nearly 150 million dollars were invested in Zomato in January by Ant Financial, a subsidiary of the Chinese company Alibaba. Recently, a village in Pune district, Kondhve-Dhavade, has decided to ban sale and purchase of Chinese products in the village from July.

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