China Breaks Pull Out Promise, Deploys 40,000 Troops Along LAC

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NEW DELHI: In the eastern Ladakh sector, China which claims to be withdrawing its forces from the Indo-Chinese border, but its actions have cast apprehensions as there has been continuous deployment of around 40,000 Chinese troops by violating the agreement reached between the two countries on disengagement and diversion of forces.

According to reports, around 40,000 Chinese soldiers are currently deployed at front and depth areas for the Eastern Ladakh sector with a large stockpile of weapons, which is a complete violation to the India-China commanders' level talks and pulls out promises that took place last week.

Authorities from both countries have decided to withdraw troops from the border areas after multiple rounds of talks at the government and Army levels but yet China is not changing its course. Instead, it continues to deploy air defence systems, armoured personnel carriers and long-range artillery in eastern Ladakh sector.

Defense Minister Rajnath Nath lauded the Indian Air Force for being active in the border dispute with China and sending a strong message to the opposition.

Speaking at an air force conference in Delhi on Wednesday, he said that the air force was preparing for war by deploying warplanes in the eastern Ladakh region, and he even reminded China of India's Balakot attack on Pakistan.

Top Air Force officials attended the conference, Rajnath said the people of the country have faith in the tri-forces - Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force - which will safeguard the country's sovereignty.

Recalling the air raid on Balakot across the border, he said that the Air Force had acted with utmost skill in this regard.

The Defense Ministry said that the deployment of air force fighter jets in the eastern Ladakh region is a similar one. Elaborating on the ongoing efforts to reduce tensions along the de facto line, the minister urged the Air Force to be ready for any situation.

Responding to this Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria said that the Air Force was ready to face the enemy.

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