Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Adds 3 New Symptoms Of Coronavirus

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has added three new symptoms of COVID-19 - Congestion or runny nose, nausea and diarrhea.  Previously, it had listed the twelve symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath, headaches, loss of smell or taste, sore throat, muscle or body aches, fatigue, etc. CDC on its website said that, "This list does not include all possible symptoms. CDC will continue to update this list as we learn more about COVID-19."

According to the CDC, the list of emergency warning signs included continuous pain or pressure in the chest, inability to arouse, and bluish lips or face. CDC suggested that, "People experiencing these types of symptoms should not neglect and should seek medical attention immediately."

Symptoms vary from one person to person and those who have contracted COVID-19 could exhibit a different combination of symptoms and it depends upon the severity of the illness. Symptoms may appear 2 to 14 days after the exposure to Sar-Cov-2, virus which is responsible for the cause of illness.

CDC warned that, "Anyone can have mild to severe symptoms. Older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness.” The World Health Organization said that there are concerns about increasing trends in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and other parts of Asia.

Another study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, gives its consent to the list of symptoms listed by the World Health Organisation at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The scientists including those from the University of Leeds in the UK, combined data from 148 separate studies to identify the common symptoms experienced by over 24,000 patients from nine countries, including the UK, China and the US. The study revealed that persistent cough and fever have been confirmed as the most common symptoms of coronavirus.

The number of coronavirus cases in the world has crossed 10 million mark. The United States is one of the worst-hit nations and it has more than 2.5 million cases alone. According to John Hopkins University data, the US added 288 COVID-19 deaths in the last 24 hours. India reported more than 19,700 new coronavirus cases on Sunday and within six days, 1.1 lakh coronavirus cases have been added to the country's tally. The number of COVID-19 cases in India stood at 5,49,106.

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