Celebrity Hairstylist Javed Habib Trolled for Spitting On Woman's Head, Video Viral

airstylist Jawed Habib spits on woman's hair, says 'is thook me jaan hai' - Sakshi Post

Social media users were left disgusted and trolled renowned hairstylist Jawed Habib, after a shocking video of him spitting on a woman’s head during a training demonstration surfaced on the internet recently.

 As per reports, the shocking behavior of the celebrity hairstylist who owns a chain of salons across the country with the same name came to the fore during a training seminar in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar. In the video, Habib is seen giving tips about a hairstyle with a woman sitting on a salon chair on the stage for a demo. Javed is heard saying that as her hair is dry and if one doesn’t have water you can use your spit to moisten it and then he suddenly spits into her hair. He jokingly says that saying that there is strength in his spit. People who were present there are heard clapping and laughing much to the discomfort of the woman sitting in front of them.

Incidentally, the woman in the video shared the humiliating experience she faced at the hands of the hairstylist. She states her name to be Pooja Gupta running a beauty parlour. She had gone to attend Javed Habib’s seminar and was invited by him onto the stage. She said that he misbehaved with her and spat in her hair in the pretext of giving tips on how to cut hair. After he spat in my hair I did not get the haircut done, I would rather get my hair cut in my neighboring barber’s shop, but never with Jawed Habib, she said, while sharing her ordeal.

Social Media users are trolling Jawed Habib for this heinous act.

Even if someone doesn’t find it disrespectful and offensive, it is extremely unhygienic and should never be tolerated wrote one user.

The real use of mirrors in a saloon is evident now. And I would think again of stepping into another JawedHabib saloon again after seeing this, wrote one user.

And the worst part is that they think it as a humor, said one user trolling the audience.

She has such a pained sort of expression on her face. Maybe she knew whats going to happen. Wonder what was the incentive or the coercion??

This is not the first time Javed Habib courted controversy. In 2017  found himself in trouble when a pre-Durga Puja print ad featuring the Hindu gods was released in Kolkata. The ad showed gods and goddesses waiting in a Jawed Habib salon, getting their hair fixed, applying make-up,  with the tag line, “Gods too visit JH salon”. He was trolled severely for hurting religious sentiments at that time.

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