CBSE Withholds Results Of 60K Students, Here's Why

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Class 12 results were released by the CBSE Board yesterday.

The board, however, did not release the results of 60,000 students yesterday. Read on to find out why.

The results of 60,000 students have been postponed by the CBSE Board.

The reason for the non-issuance of CBSE results for about 60K students can be found here.

CBSE Class 12 Result 2021: According to sources, the CBSE Board of Examinations released the Class 12 2021 results yesterday.

However, not only have the results for 1060 schools been delayed, but the results for other schools have yet to be disclosed. Because the results were still being reviewed, authorities were unable to release them, it is being said.

The results of 60,000 students are still pending as a result of this. This covers not only the 1060 schools listed above but also a few more.

It says 'Results Later' as these students checked for the results. The board stated that the results would be available in a week.

Students can use the website to find out about the results that were announced yesterday on the website.

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