Can I Have Alcohol After COVID Vaccine?

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Starting from April 1, everyone over the age of 45 will receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The centre plans to finish vaccinating this age group as soon as possible. As people want to be careful and not wanting to do anything that would affect the vaccine, they are now questioning certain things to be extra cautious.

Many people have doubts regarding the effect of alcohol after having taken the vaccine dose. To answer their question, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare shared that there is no effect of alcohol on the vaccine. The experts have said that alcohol doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the vaccine. But while there is no effect of alcohol on the vaccine, it is still best to avoid consumption of such drinks for a few days.

Infectious disease Specialist from Fortis Hospital, Dr Kirti Sabnis said that it is best to avoid the consumption of alcohol for some time. At least for a week, you should try avoiding extreme drinking. It will be best for your body.

According to experts when you indulge in heavy drinking, your body may feel weak. It may lead to nausea and vomiting. Now in case, these effects are caused by the vaccine, chances are it may be brushed off as being caused by the alcohol. An individual that needed medical attention might be ignored.

Consumption of alcohol in large quantities is not good anyway, but at this time, it is advisable that you just avoid it for at least a week. Plus if you lose your senses due to the effect of alcohol, it might result in carelessness. In a public gathering, you must maintain your distance, but many times people forget everything when they are under the influence of alcohol.

So the experts confirmed that while there is no effect of alcohol on vaccination and its immunity, an individual, in general, must avoid alcohol or at least set required limitations.

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