BSY to Remain Karnataka CM till BJP High Command Wills

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Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa, stated he would continue to lead the state government as long as the party's high command trusts him. 

He was replying to media questions about the CM's frequent complaints from ministries and MLAs. "I'll not respond to such actions. I shall remain CM as long as the high command has faith in me. I would resign the day they ask me to stand down. Till then, I will work tirelessly for the state's growth "he said. 

The CM stated that he is not in any dilemma about the party's and government's developments. "They (the party leadership) have given me a chance, which I am making use of. The high command is in charge of the rest" added Yediyurappa.

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His comments came amid rumors that a group of unhappy legislators had been working hard to overthrow the CM. A number of leaders have recently visited Delhi with grievances about the state government's leadership.

Yediyurappa also denied claims that the state lacks "alternative leadership." In response to a query, he stated, "I don't agree with allegations that there are no alternate leaders. Alternate leaders are constantly present at the state and national levels," he remarked.

Yediyurappa commented on the visit of IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri, who was removed from Mysuru following a quarrel with another IAS officer Shilpa Nag "Re-transfer was out of the question. I've requested that she report to her new position "he stated

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