Black Fungus Cases in India, Statewise List

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Amid a spike in COVID cases, the country is now dealing with a new infection known as black fungus, Mucormycosis. People infected with COVID are afraid to get admitted into hospitals because of the black fungus. Black Fungus infects recovered COVID patients solely as a result of the steroids, which lower the body's immunity to fight germs and sickness. India has recorded at least 7,250 cases so far and 219 people have died.

On Thursday, the Central government asked the states to declare the disease notifiable under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897. Maharashtra has 1,500 cases of black fungus and 90 deaths. Karnataka reported 97 cases and zero deaths. In Telangana, there have been up to 90 reported cases, with 10 deaths.

Check Out The State Wise Black Fungus Cases

Maharshtra - 1500( cases)  90(deaths)
Gujarat -        1,163(cases)  90 (deaths)
Madhya Pradesh -  575(cases)  31(deaths)
Haryana-        268(cases)  8(deaths)
Delhi-             203 (cases)  1 (death)
Uttar Pradesh- 169 (cases)  8 ( deaths)
Bihar-             103 (cases)  2 ( deaths)
Chhattisgarh- 101(cases)  1(deaths) 

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