Billboards Mocking Karnataka BJP Govt Spoil Inter-state Relationship, Says Bommai

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Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has strongly reacted to the billboards against the BJP government in Telangana. He said putting up anti-BJP government hoardings is nothing but a systematic conspiracy. 
“I am not aware of them (billboards in Telangana against 40% commission) as I have not been there, but if it's true, then it is a systematic conspiracy,” CM Bommai told media persons. 

The Chief Minister was replying to a query on some billboards having come up in Telangana stating that there is 40% commission government in Karnataka and alleging corruption in the State.

It may be recalled here that on the occasion of September 17, the day of Hyderabad State annexation to India, banners criticising the BJP government (both State and Central) came up near the Parade Grounds in Secunderabad, where the BJP’s Hyderabad Liberation Day celebrations were held on Saturday. 

In one poster Union Home Minister Amit Shah was questioned for not announcing any funds for Telangana on Liberation Day while the Union government released ‘300 crores for 60 years of Goa Liberation Day.’

The other poster mocked Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai. He was invited by the Central government to attend the Liberation Day celebrations in the city. The billboard message read, “Welcome 40% CM”.

The Karnataka CM did not attend the Hyderabad event. He said these kinds of banners should be disallowed by the administration as it affects the inter-state relationship. 

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“I have no clue whether it was a private board or a government board. However, the State governments should not allow such boards to be put up in their States. That spoils the relation between the States,” Bommai said. 

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