Bhopal Cricketer Awarded With 5 Litres Of Petrol For Man Of The Match

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The continuous rise in petrol prices across the country have hit the common man harder than ever. Some states have seen a century mark in the price of petrol along with an increase in the price of diesel as well.

As the price of petroleum and other petroleum products are still increasing on a daily basis, the opposition has started taking digs at the government. On social media, a large number of users are sharing their thoughts about the price rise. While some have taken the humorous route by sharing memes and jokes.

On the ground, people and businesses are doing creative and thought-provoking things to highlight the issue. Just a few days back, a petrol pump in Karur district, Tamil Nadu offered one-litre free petrol for children who recited 'Thirukkural' couplets without any mistakes. The offer was introduced on January 16 to mark Thiruvalluvar Day.

This week, a cricket tournament in Bhopal highlighted the petrol price problem in a unique way. 5 litres of petrol was awarded to a cricketer who was adjudged the best player in the final match. According to sources, the tournament was organised in Bhopal by Congress leader Manoj Shukla. The final was played on Sunday and a cricketer named Salauddin Abbasi won the Man of the Match award.

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