Bengaluru: Surprise Bag Check Reveals Condoms, Contraceptives, Cigarettes In School Bags

Bengaluru schools find condoms, contraceptive pills, cigarettes, in students' bag - Sakshi Post

Bengaluru: A simple exercise to check mobile phone use inside classrooms ended in a shocker to the authorities after they found condoms, contraceptive pills, and cigarettes in the school bags of young students in the city’s schools.Not just them even the parents were shocked to know about this incident.

Not just the above the authorities also found that several students had whiteners and excess cash in bags of students belonging to Classes 8, 9, and 10.  While in some schools the authorities also found alcohol stored in water bottles. They were also instances of Class 5 children harassing teachers and classmates, using foul language, and bullying younger children.

The Associated Management of Schools in Karnataka (KAMS) asked schools in the city to conduct regular searches in the school bags of the children after this incident.

However, the schools decided not to suspend the students, and authorities issued notices to the parents of the wards and recommended counseling sessions for the children outside the school and also granted leave for up to 10 days for this. (Inputs Deccan Herald)

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