Bengaluru North Police Implement QR Code System For Night Safety

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The new system requires beat cops to scan numerous QR code stickers placed along their route.

Bengaluru: To protect the safety of citizens during the night hours, Bengaluru North police have deployed a new QR code-based beat system dubbed 'Subahu.' The system compels beat cops to scan QR code stickers posted along their routes as a condition of employment, ensuring that they have covered the designated route. The app will also be updated with police officer locations.

The Bengaluru North Division Police have adopted a new QR code-based beat system called Subahu to safeguard the safety of its residents during the night hours. The beat cop will be required to scan the QR code stickers posted along his or her beat routes under the new system. This guarantees that the officer in question covers the whole allocated course and does not overlook any areas. Each police officer's location will be updated on the app.

The previous method depended on either police officers' manual input or computerised equipment. According to Dharmendra Kumar Meena, Bengaluru North Deputy Commissioner of Police, this approach might be easily exploited.

"Initially, there were big books where police would make manual entries. Nobody checked those books and there was scope for manipulation. With the new system, we will know the exact GPS locations of the police personnel in the division," said DCP Dharmendra Kumar.

The Bengaluru South-East police division was the first to use the Subahu beat system in 2020. People have reported feeling safer after the new system was implemented, according to the police.

"Several people have told us that they have a sense of security now when they hear the policemen blow their whistles when they go near houses during patrolling. This has also made tracking the beat officers easier," said DCP South-East Joshi Srinath Mahadev.

On August 11, the new system was formally launched. According to DCP Dharmendra Kumar, the software was first introduced on a trial basis in the Bagalgunte police station, and most police stations have been utilising it for the past three months. DCP Dharmendra Kumar went on to say that the technology had some minor difficulties with location tracking at first.

According to him, a total of 1992 QR code stickers have been placed throughout the Bengaluru North division's jurisdiction.

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