Bengaluru Hospitals Send Out Distress Calls Over Oxygen Shortage

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Bengaluru: The city is in a crisis. The cases are increasing but there is not enough supply to admit all these patients to the hospital. Recently two hospitals in Bengaluru sent out a distress call as they were running short of oxygen.

There was oxygen enough for only a few hours and the patients were in critical condition. The hospitals sent out a distress call as they were running short of oxygen supply. The reserves in the state are running out as well.

Medax Hospital in RT Nagar and Rajarajeshwari Medical College in Kengeri Satellite Town were the hospitals that needed oxygen cylinders. Deputy Chief Minister Dr C N Ashwath Narayan who has been named as the chairperson of the Covid19 task force jumped into action. He sent out oxygen cylinders for at least 30 patients in the hospital.

This incident took place on May 3. The Medax hospital informed patients' family about the shortage and urged them to find another hospital. The patient’s family was trying desperately to look for another hospital.

The problem here according to the hospitals is that they require extra cylinders now. Initially, 15 to 20 cylinders supplied from Hosur and Peenya would be enough but now the number has gone up to 180. What the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee is supplying is not enough.

Bengaluru is facing a lot of problems now. With the increase in Covid19 cases, hospitals are struggling to admit all affected patients. There is a shortage of beds, oxygen cylinders and even the mortuaries are getting full.

This situation has caused a problem in many hospitals. Patients are now under the critical condition as they are not getting enough oxygen supply. Many hospitals have several patients in serious condition but not even enough oxygen cylinders for half of them.

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