Bengaluru To Get Makeshift Hospital With 2K Beds to Tackle Shortage

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Makeshift Hospital with 2,000 Beds in Bengaluru. 

200 Bed makeshift Hospitals in various districts of Karnataka. 

Bengaluru is facing a lot of problems now. With the increase in Covid19 cases, hospitals are struggling to admit all affected patients. The hospitals are facing a shortage of beds and oxygen cylinders. This has increased the number of deaths as well.

To tackle the situation, the state government is coming up with various measures. They announced night curfew, weekend lockdown and uninterrupted movement of oxygen cylinders. Now the latest report is that the Karnataka government has decided on a makeshift hospital with 2,000 beds to help admit more patients.

Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar said this makeshift hospital will be ready in 15 days. A 2,000-bed hospital in Bengaluru and 200-bed hospitals in various other districts will be set up. He further urged the Covid positive patients with mild symptoms to relax and not panic. Sometimes their admission into the hospital isn’t even required but they do it out of panic.

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Sudhakar said that the hospitals should check carefully and not admit those with mild symptoms. These patients do not require critical medical attention and can cure in-home quarantine. So it is requested that the hospitals take in only those who genuinely need help.

This situation is a repeat from last year when Bengaluru was facing severe conditions in June. Many deaths were recorded when the city reported a shortage of ICU beds. In June, the numbers in the city were really high. These casualties are the people who are in critical condition but do not find beds in the hospital to be treated.

Not just the hospital bed, the shortage is seen in oxygen cylinders and Remdesivir. Karnataka has requested that the Centre supply 1,500 metric tonnes of oxygen and one lakh vials of Remdesivir.

To avoid such a situation, the government has now decided on the makeshift hospital and other important measures.

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