Baba Ramdev Shuts up Reporter for Reminding His Old Comments on Fuel Prices

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When Yoga guru Ramdev was asked tough questions about the rising fuel prices during the last week, he started giving unsolicited advice to people. The Yoga guru, who is on a visit to Karnal (Haryana), had this piece of advice on inflation when the reporters asked about his old statements that the prices of fuel would decrease if the BJP came to power. 

“Desh chalane ke liye unko tax bhi lena pad raha hai, agar mai Sanyasi hokar atharan ghante kam kar sakta hu to desh ke aur logon ko bhi aur mehnat karni chahiye (The government has to collect taxes to run the country. Even a Sanyasi like me can work for 18 hours. The general public needs to work hard to increase their earnings to deal with this inflation.” 

When the reporters latched on to his old statements he made in 2014 saying if BJP voted to power, the fuel prices would come down to Rs 40, a visibly irked Ramdev retorted, ‘Okay, I said it. What will you do about it? Don’t keep asking such questions. I’m not answerable to you.” He also said, “Shut up or it won’t be good for you,” 

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The petrol and diesel prices have increased for the eighth time in nine days after a pause of four-and-half-months. The Central government is continuously being targeted by the opposition parties over the rise in fuel prices. 

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