Atmanirbhar Bharat at Red Fort : Made-in-India Gun Fired Ceremonial Salute for First Time in 75 Years

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New Delhi : India witnessed a historic feat this Independence Day when a made-in-India gun fired 21-shot salute to the tricolour at the historic Red Fort. This is the first time an indigenous howitzer gun was used for the ceremonial salute in 75 years. 

Earlier, British guns were used for the ceremonial salute. On 76th Independence Day, for the first time, MI-17 helicopters showered flowers at the Red Fort during I-Day celebrations.

“The sound that we always wanted to hear, we are hearing it after 75 years. It is after 75 years that the tricolour has got the ceremonial salute at the Red Fort for the first time from a made-in-India gun,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, adding all Indians will get inspired and feel empowered on hearing this made-in-India gun roar.

The indigenous howitzer gun has been designed by the Centre-run Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

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