Arvind Kejriwal Urges Centre To Stop Singapore Flights

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal shared that there is a new Covid variant that has been detected in Singapore. The CM says that this variant can be harmful to children. These kids are already vulnerable in the second wave of Covid19, it will further put them at risk.

He suggested the centre stop all the flights from Singapore. Travel should be banned until things become better as if anything goes wrong, it might add to the third wave.

In a tweet, Kejriwal explained the situation and said that “The new form of Corona that came to Singapore is being said to be extremely dangerous for children, in India it may come as a third wave.”

“My appeal to the central government: 1. Air services with Singapore to be cancelled with immediate effect 2. Priority on vaccine options should be worked out for children too,” he added.

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The second wave of Covid19 has hit the country hard. Every day cases are being reported in lakhs. But this time, the concern is that even young children have become vulnerable. Earlier there weren’t many kids testing positive for coronavirus. The latest reports are confirming that even newborns and kids below the age of 12 are also testing positive. 

According to the experts, the third wave will mostly hit the children. The kids will be vulnerable to the virus as most of the adults by then will either be vaccinated or already recovered from COVID.

The paediatricians in Bengaluru are reporting an increased number of positive cases among children. Medical experts were warning about the increased cases among children in the third wave of Covid19, but here we have the children getting affected in the second wave itself, so the situation has already become concerning.

Experts say that Phase 3 will happen, there is no stopping it. Even though there is a slight decrease in the daily cases being reported, phase three will happen as the virus and its mutant strain is still spreading.

As of now, India has approved vaccination of those among 18-44 years. Anyone above 18 years is eligible to get the vaccine shot. But there has been no update for the kids. There are many vaccines approved in India, but none of it is as of now clinically approved for young kids.

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