Anxiety, Depression on Rise in COVID Second Wave

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During the second wave, many cases of depression and anxiety are being reported. The helpline numbers are being dialled by people suffering from Covid and falling into depression during the recovery period. The Social Justice Ministry's mental health helpline has been busy with a lot of calls. There was a significant rise in these calls during the second wave.

The officials believe that one of the reasons for this increase in calls can also be that people are now aware of the helpline numbers. In the second wave, they are getting more aware of the existence of such numbers. People know there is a Covid19 related mental health helpline.

Many callers dial to enquire about the vaccine. After being tested positive for Covid19, these people become sceptical and concerned. They have questions regarding the second wave and when the vaccines will be available soon. As the country is facing a crisis like situation in the second wave, people testing positive during this time are becoming more concerned. They are aware of the shortage of medical supplies and get scared thinking about what would happen if their condition worsens.

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Officials at these centres often get calls from such people raising these concerns. Since April 20 last year, the KIRAN helpline number was dialled more than 26,000 times. These calls generally come from states with a high number of daily cases.

People call from States like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana and others with a high number of positive cases. Those living in these high-risk areas are more sceptical of their safety and health.

It is not just calls from those who tested Covid positive but also from those who are scared. Covid19 positive people call these centres as they start falling into depression during the recovery and quarantine stage. Staying alone for the entire time makes them feel uneasy. So they call, seeking help. The officials will listen to their concern and accordingly connect them to a psychiatrist/counsellor.

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