Andolanjeevis: Memers Get New Content With PM Modi’s Take On Protestors

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Rajya Sabha on Monday and some about the protestors who take part in every agitation. PM Modi while replying to the Motion of Thanks to President’s address said that these are ‘Professional Protestors’ who are available for every agitation.

“In the past few years, we have observed a new kind of protesters, 'andolan jeevi', who can be witnessed in every agitation.” The PM called such people as ‘andolan jeevis’ and that in the past few years, there has been in increase in the number of such people.

PM Modi continued that there is need to save our country from such people. He referred to them as parasites and said that they don’t have individual strength but only join these agitations as a mass group. “We have to protect our country from such andolan jeevis, who are in fact 'parjeevi.’ They do not posses their own strength, but instead join all agitations.”

The PM indirectly took a dig at the Rihanna, Mia Khalifa and Greta Thunberg situation and warned the nation against such cases. Terming FDI as 'Foreign Destructive Ideology,’ the PM Modi said that we all need to protect ourselves from this “FDI.”

Explaining his point about the Andolanjeevis, the PM said that there are many types of Jeevis. One is ‘Buddhi-jeevi’ (the clever ones). Next is ‘Shram-jeevi’ (the laborers who work hard). But in the last few years, the new kind of jeevi has originated in India. These are the “Andolanjeevis;” The people who take part in every protest and earn their living through it.

It was just a matter of hours. It didn’t take long time for the memers to start their party. Netizens took a dig at various persons and tagged them with a new kind of ‘jeevi.’

For example, one user posted a picture of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and termed him as ‘Bhikh jeevi.’ Meaning the one who always begs. (Bikhari).

Another user posted a picture of Nidhi Razdan and captioned it as ‘Harvard Jeevi.’ 

Take a look at some of the best ones here:

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