Anand Mahindra Shares An Inspiring Story Of A Delhi Ballet Dancer

 - Sakshi Post

A 21-year-old son of an e-rickshaw driver, Kamal Singh have gotten admitted to the English National Ballet School which is one of the most prestigious ballet schools of the UK. According to the reports, Kamal Singh left for the UK and will be training at the English National Ballet School for a year and later will get a chance to join the English National Ballet Company as a professional dancer

Anand Mahindra took to his Twitter and shared a clip with a caption, "A friend in the U.K sent me this clipping... A Delhi e-rickshaw driver's son gets entry to the the UK's most prestigious ballet school. In the middle of a global lockdown, we get to see a young man unlock his entire world and his future. I stand and applaud."

The newspaper clipping is all about Kamal Singh and how he crowdfunded his fees for a renowned ballet school in the UK. His course duration is one year and costs 8000 pounds. There are other additional costs of living and commute.

Singh was being trained by Fernando Aguilera in the Delhi institute. Fernando said that, “He was completely flexible, like a rubber. He had a body that was ready-made for ballet by god – he just needed to be taught how to use it."

He further added that, “He was very dedicated, he worked very hard and he wanted to learn. I taught him for four years, and he never asked for a break, he never missed a single day."

He recalled, “In that moment my heart broke into pieces. I told him come back tomorrow. I’m not going to charge you, just come because I want to keep seeing you in class."

Singh said that his mentor made him watch videos of professional ballet dancers and taught him that it can be a career, just like a doctor or an engineer, and he also met his father to explain.

Singh said that, “I cannot explain how it feels, it is all my dreams come true. It’s amazing, I’m enjoying every day. My family do not know much about ballet but they are very happy and very proud that I am at the English National Ballet. I am the first in my family to come to London.”

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