American Chef Prepares Delicious Indian Recipes For Son-In-Law's Birthday

 - Sakshi Post

American Chef surprised his son in law by cooking tasty and yummy Indian recipes on his birthday. Most of the people are becoming fans for the spicy Indian recipes. A recent report says that, Indian food was the 6th most searched takeaway food globally. 

Ricky Bayles took to his Twitter and shared the photos of Indian dishes made by him. He captioned the post as, "Happy birthday to my favorite son-in-law, Kevin Sullivan. You are the best!Hope you enjoyed all the Indian food I made last night (butter chicken, paratha, saag paneer, channa masala) & the Devil’s Food Cake w Salted Cashew Buttercream. Can’t wait til little Charlie can partake!" Ricky made Butter Chicken, Saag Paneer, Chana Masala, Paratha, etc. The post of Rick Bayles went viral on social media.  Here is the tweet.

A few days ago, Nigella Lawson cooked 'Dal Chaval' during the lockdown. She shared the pic and wrote, "Meaanwhile, over on @foodim, this soothing picture of Dal Chaval (rice and lentil soup) by @nutsisnitin is #postoftheweek. Am hoping Nitin might give us the recipe! Will keep you posted." Here is the post.

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