Air India Plane Crash: Heart Wrenching Videos Surface Online

 - Sakshi Post

An Air India Express flight with more than 190 passengers and crew members onboard skidded off the runway at Kozhikode International Airport in Kerala, also known as Karipur Airport on Friday night. Many people have been rushed to nearby hospitals and some of their condition was said to be critical. The flight was operated as part of the 'Vande Bharat Mission' to bring back expatriates from foreign countries.

33 injured passengers on the flight are being treated at the hospital. The others are at Beach, Maitra, Iqra, Aster Pantheerankavu and Red Crescent Feroke Hospitals.

In the midst of heavy rain, rescue personnel including the local civil police, rushed to the scene of the incident to pull the wounded men, women, children out of the aircraft that has been broken into two large pieces, passengers were shocked to even realize what had happened.

A local man said that he rushed to the airport after hearing the sound. He asserted that, "Small kids were trapped under the seats and it was such a distressing sight." He further added that, "When we reached there some were deplaned. Many of them were seriously injured. Legs were broken. My hands and shirt were soaked in the blood."

Some of the spine chilling images and videos have been surfacing online where the aircraft broke into two pieces. One could hear screams of pain and see blood-soaked clothing, frightened children at Kozhikode after the tragic incident.

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